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Park Rental Information

Park Rental - There are something you need to know on process.

Please, read this page carefully if you are thinking of hosting a great party with inflatable bouncy in a city park. Most city parks may require you to acquire a permit for inflatable bouncers. Slide and Bounce around is a fully insured inflatable rental company with all metro cities in the Phoenix area.
How should I make our inflatable bouncer party?
First, Call Slide and Bounce around to reserve your inflatable rental equipment! Tell Slide and Bounce around which park you intend to have your party at and reserve your rental equipment.

Contact the park where you intend to have your inflatable bouncer party, and ask the following questions.
(As for each park and recreation Contact Information, see the information listed below.)

Do they require an inflatable bouncer permit?
Do they have an adequate power source? Slide and Bounce around requires one dedicated circuit outlet per inflatable blower. We offer generator rentals for parks.
Do they require sandbag instead of stake down for bouncers? Some city like Mesa require to use sandbag instead of Stakes for to prevent the damage to sprinklers.

Apply for the inflatable bouncer permit and pay fees that city applies.

Please, bring a copy of the permit with you to the party.

Arrive at park at least one hour prior to event to show our Delivery staff where to set up.

Stay at park until inflatable bouncers are picked up by Delivery Staff.

City Park in Arizona Contact Information